Thursday, 14 October 2010

its winter then

Alike most others in the fair South at the mo, I'm freezing my beegeebers off.The smurf babies are all snot ridden and the streets are bereft of peoples.
This all means that my lovely life buddy has had to shimmy up the attic ladder, very precarious and extremely spooky...but hes man enough to take switch on the emersion so we can have some radiators brewing soonish.
It also means that the winter menu will be appearing sooner than expected, the big decisions on how to print and design said menu has led to light bloodshed but we're nearly there.
Happy joy joy to all from us at The Olive in fair Olde Wareham,.....

Sunday, 3 October 2010


So another day, another food experiment with the youngest group of testers in the business...but hey, they're free, they're captive and their definately picky about what they eat and what becomes a new layer of emulsion on the kitchen walls.
You may ask yourself..."what oh what can one put into a rissotto?", you may also have never asked yourself this, but we did, well we would really wouldn't we?
It turns out that quite alot, and the basis for making the chosen ingredient into a good base isn't too far away from knocking up the old baby puree, so some experience in that department anyway.
Its fair to say that a range of more pleasing to the pallet rissotto will be appearing on our new winter menu....the less than pleasing combos will be appearing on the walls, and floor tiles until stiff enough to scrape off without too much damage...........