Wednesday, 29 September 2010

leaky chalky pens.............................
Well well...Unlike a well known DIY brand our chalk pens definately do not do whats said on the tin, the tin , for example said "all weather pens, resistant to rain", therefore i spent many a minute on my knees trying to write on an a1 size blackboard without swiping it off with an inadvertant sleeve movement.
ONLY TO FIND........
That the light sheen of misty rain was enough to cause a multicoloured landslide ending up as a lovely rainbow puddle on the kerbside....odd then that several baths have not removed the same pen from the arms of my 3 year old...Hmmmmmm
All that aside the invention of brand spanking new pizza toppings its coming along quite well....aided by the appearance of the Grandparents to entertain dribbly baby number 3. You would be amazed at what a little research will unearth about the cultural divide when it comes to topping a pizza, and what in fact a pizza is made of in the first place, I'd suggest anyone have a squint at the pizza houses in Japan, some of them might put you off your tea though.......tally ho !

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