Thursday, 23 December 2010

dinners that last for days...

After thinking about what we would probably like to discuss and investigate ourselves ,both as people who cook for joy and for a living ,and as parents concerned about what our children are eating on a daily basis, we have decided that we are mostly concerned with the source of food, the treatment and processes, the cost of making dinner these days and the benefit , or harm, it causes our children.
To this end we will be regularly (as often as possible)  blogging about adventures in frugal food, growing, preserving and cooking. We watch hundreds of chefs and celebs tell us how we can grow our own veg on a window-sill, and how to cook well on a small budget , but is all this actually do-able and practical for a busy growing family ??? Well we're on a mission to find out, from the heart of rural Dorset.
In the coming weeks and months we will be investigating the cost of local farm foods at source compared to the local retailers of the same produce, and to the cost of supermarket equivalents. Testing how you can grow your own at home and if its worth the effort in the long run, and where to buy the freshest products grown buy someone else! Also, of course, giving lots of tips and recipes around feeding the whole family, well, and on a shoestring.
Anyone is welcome to join in the experiment/ experience, all questions will be answered as well as possible, and we won't sell you a thing....................

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