Monday, 20 December 2010

snow and stuffing....

Well i don't know about anyone else but i only just realised that having not planned for a white (well slushy at the mo) christmas, it could infact cause me some grief !!!
So some last minute menu changes might be in order... ( no-one'll notice once they've been eating solidly for several days !)..
Didn't buy the stuffing? well fear not !
         You can whip up stuffing as follows.. grated stale bread, lemon juice/vinegar, fresh/dried herbs of choice, crushed garlic, grated onion & a beaten egg, mix thoroughly with seasoning, cover in cling film and bung (or place thoughtfully, your choice)it in the fridge over night.Done , as Gordon says. Use as usual stuffing.
Having a party...have no party food and can't trudge to town ??? How about...
  • "Bocconcini di pollo", or in english - chunks of cooked chicken breast wrapped in bacon and baked, great with garlic, sage, paprika, basil or any other flavour you fancy adding, a bit of cheese maybe?
  • Or "Arroncini" which are italian rice balls, very simple and quick if you don't make them quite as authentic as an italian as it would involve rissotto and such things! Basically boil some rice (any that you have)add a bayleaf and salt if you can, drain and leave to cool so it forms a sticky mass. Then cut some small chunks of cheese (mozzarella is great but not essential) and cover the chunk in a small hand ful of rice , rolling into a ball. When you have many rice balls dip each into a beaten egg and then roll in either breadcrumbs or flour, you then deep (or shallow if you prefer) fry until golden, serve hot or reserve and micro blitz when required !
  • "Caramelised onion tarts" - make/buy some short or puff pastry and line tart tins, slice onions and add to a pan with equal amounts of balsamic vinegar & brown sugar, leave to simmer until liquid has been absorbed and onions are coloured and sticky, add to pastry cases and top with goats/blue cheese or beaten egg, bake at 200 for approx 20 mins.!
All of the above also make simple starters too....

Not to forget easy peasy QUICK desserts !
  • "festive cheesecake "heat some double cream (750 mls, big pot), add a generous splash of baileys or tia maria and broken up milk chocolate (about 300g) stir until dissolved & pour over a crushed biscuit base ( crushed plain biscuits, brown sugar & butter), refrigerate as long as possible, not less than 2-3 hours.....and yum cheesecake !
  • Homemade ice a hurry, its not the proper way, but its quick and it tastes lovely: whip double cream and add some vanilla essence/pod, then stir in some smashed fruit, berries or banana if you can or failing that a splash of your favourite liquer, mix well and freeze for at least 4 hours.
i'm guessing thats us blogged out until the New Year, but you never know , we might be snowed in with nothing better to do !!!!!!
Merry jingle christmas to all.

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